Biography : Rifki Ismal

38aa79dRifki Ismal, Assistent Director of Macro-prudential Policy of Central Bank of Indonesia, was born on November 6, 1973. Before he join in Macro-Prudential Policy, he joined in Islamic Banking Department. Besides Assisten Director, he is a lecturer at various universities such as University of Indonesia, Trisakti University, Yarsi, and also he was a visiting lecturer in Strasbourg School of Management, France. I met him when I was meeting in Central Bank of Indonesia. He is kind, humble and smart person.

Out of academic and official activities in Indonesia, he was a visiting researcher at Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Hong Kong representative office. His educational background, he finished BA at Unversity of Indonesia (1997). After three years later, he continued to take MA at University of Michigan, USA (2003). After he finished his MA degree, he continued to take Ph.D at Durham University in 2010, UK. One of his achievements is his papers have been published on 30 International Journals. He is a special person for me because he has a great experience in academic and honestly, I want to be like him.


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